Welcome to the SHeMat website

The SHeMat project "Training Network for Self-Healing Materials: from Concepts to Market" is a training and research network funded within the scope of the “Seventh Framework Programme” by the European Commission's “Marie Curie” programme. SHeMat involves 9 partners from 6 different countries as well as 4 associated partners from the private sector. The project will recruit 11 PhD students and 4 post docs. The duration of the SHeMat project is 4 years (01/2012 - 12/2015).

The research activities of SHeMat are situated in the field of self-healing materials. The aim is the development self-healing materials from different material classes and the market implementation for the most promising material concepts and developments.

The partners intend to address both actual fundamental research in material development as well as the complementary aspects of conceptual process chain analysis from a more industrial perspective. We have chosen to restrict our research to self-healing material concepts with an existing sizeable academic development base and a sufficient number of positive findings to ensure a significant possibility of successful conversion to industrial application. If we succeed in bridging the gaps in knowledge and understanding for these promising materials, industrial development of these concepts and technologies is to be expected.

The training aim is to set up a training network for the recruited young researchers to prepare them for their academic career in terms of scientific work principles, project management, scientific publishing, oral presentations as well as entrepreneurship training. Additionally, interdisciplinarity is a central aspect in training activities. Researchers will be trained by personnel exchange programs, different academic training units, network events and personal mentoring.

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