The SHeMat Initital Training Network will recruit 11 early stage researchers (ESRs) as well as 4 post-docs (ERs) over the 4-year-project.

Background information:
"Marie Curie Initial Training Networks" (ITNs) are joint research and training projects funded by the European Commission. Funding is provided for researchers to carry out individual project work in a European country.

In order to apply for a position in the network, you must meet certain "eligibility" criteria based on your level of experience and your nationality.
To check if you are eligible to apply for a position in the network, please check the Eligibility criteria

Funded jobs in the SHeMat project: VACANCIES

Application procedure:

Please send your CV by post or e-mail directly to the partner who is advertising the position (contact details are provided in the job advertisement on the vacancies page).

Additional information