SHeMat will provide training based on three superior constituents:

→ Training regarding scientific skills and presentations

→ General skills training like communication training and project management

→ Entrepreneurship training which is subdivided in seven training units 

Furthermore individual career development will be supported by distinct secondments and mentoringships. Each fellow will be integrated in the network by common training activities, especially by three summerschools with duration of up to twelve days each and the opportunity to maintain individual relationships to other fellows or supervisors by using the SHeMat web-plattform. To broaden the practical know-how, language skills and cross cultural competencies the participants of SHeMat will stay at one or several external partners for secondments. This will contribute to establishing a genuine network of individual relationships. 

Educational and network building elements planned within SHeMat:

→ personal exchange of the Marie-Curie fellows; durations from two weeks to several months including scientific
     as well as industrial partners

training workshops for the whole group of Marie-Curie fellows:

      • scientific and professional training (e.g. fracture mechanics and analysis, exchange of own current research results and challenges)
      • training in key qualifications (e.g. presentation skills, scientific writing, project management)
      • entrepreneurship training (e.g. cost-analysis, industrial processing & scale-up, sustainability assessment)

network events, combined with the training workshops to establish individual relationships between the

individual career support by mentoring for Marie-Curie fellows: the fellows will have the opportunity to be
     supported by a mentor from the scientific or the industrial sector


Within SHeMat, three training-schools, subdivided into seven training-units are planned.

Training Unit



TU 1

Assessment of Self-Healing Capabilities


TU 2

Trade-Off Analysis

TU Delft

TU 3

Scale-up and Industrial Processing


TU 4



TU 5

Sustainability Assessment


TU 6

Standardization of Self-Healing Material


TU 7

Bioinspiration as a tool to novel technical solutions


















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